CR, CRI and CRN pumps are vertical, multistageCentrifugal pumps. The in-line design of the pumps Enables installation in a horizontal one-pipe system Where the suction and discharge ports are in the same Horizontal level and have the same pipe dimensions. This design provides a more compact pump design and Pipework. Grundfos CR pumps are available in various sizes and Various numbers of stages to provide the flow and Pressure required.CR pumps are designed for a variety of applications Ranging from the pumping of potable water to the Pumpingofchemicals. The pumps are therefore Suitable for a wide diversity of pumping systems where the performance and material of the pump meet specific

Demands. The CR pumps consist of two main components: the Motor and the pump unit. The CR pump motor is a Grundfosmotor designed to EN standards. The pump unit consists ofoptimized hydraulics, various Types of connections, a sleeve, a pump head and Various other parts. CR pumps are available in various material versions According to the pumped liquid